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Description:   AIDE is a Delphi expert implementing integration of Visual SourceSafe inside Delphi IDE. AIDE implements helpful features for working with source code: hyper jumps, advanced code navigation, advanced class completion, advanced code templates etc.

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LabRAD for Delphi Delphi VCL interface to the open source LabRAD framework (SF project "LabRAD") for distributed instrument control and data acquisition. LabRAD for Delphi allows the efficient development of Client/Server LabRAD Modules in the typical Delphi RAD fashion

Les4y-services Les4y services: Actually, regroup ChanServ/NickServ and MemoServ fonctions. For Linux's IRC administrators, coded in PHP ;) [ UPDATE including SQL files will be posted really soon. Sorry for the 7-years delay. :/ ] Supports multiple types of IRCdsWritten in PHP : easy to modify

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MSDN Expert MSDN Expert is a expert for Delphi & BCB, which can integrate the MSDN with Delphi & BCB IDE. After install MSDN Expert, you can use Ctrl + F1 hotkey to lookup keyword in MSDN, just like use F1 hotkey to lookup keyword in the ...

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